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What is Pebl?

Pebl is a new computer for the cloud.

If you've worked with or deployed to the cloud, you are used to layering concerns outside of code. Configurations, secrets, IAM roles, all exist outside of the application and are glued together with some arbitrary logic.

At pebl we think this is antithetical to computing. In every other domain imaginable, we rely on properly abstracted interfaces that are exposed as bindings in code. We built pebl to embed cloud capabilities right into your application, so that you can code what you want the cloud to do.

Want a service that responds to requests? Simply combine a server definition with pebl's service method.
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

def root():
return "hello, world!"

import pebl
pebl.service(app, "")

Nothing beyond this code is required! There are no Procfiles, yaml, json, or clicking around in web consoles to define IAM roles.